WP Todo , simple todo and tasks management plugin for WordPress

WP Todo plugin for Wordpress

Wordpress Todo plugin and App with project management features
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    • User Registration: User can register with an email address. While Admin can approve the newly registered user manually or set Automatic approval on.
    • Password Recovery: User can recover forgotten password
    • User Login: Your can login with his/her email address and password. Dashboard is totally isolated from Wordpress backend.
    • Any Registered and Approved user can create Project
    • User can Add or Remove Tasks under a Project
    • Also, user with a Shared Project can also add and remove tasks
    • User(s) can add and remove sub-tasks under tasks
    • User(s) can move sub-tasks from one task to another task by dragging and dropping
    • Admin can set auto logout period between 1 to 365 days
    • Admin can upload and change logo for the team
    • Admin can force logout all users by regenerating the JWT token key
    • Admin can terminate ongoing user registration/password reset process by regenerating the JWT token key
    • User can use client App for Windows, Linux or Mac to connect to team server url
    • User can add multiple team server url to the app
    • Dark Mode / Light Mode for App and Web Version